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"As a High Shool Football Coach I endorse High Profile Sports Group. Most parents think it's just the coaches job to get your kid recruited. Newsflash. It takes a team to get your kid recruited. Nothing in life is free. I know the people working in that group and they will go the extra mile for your child.'                                         Coach Booker Guyton
Our Main Purpose

High Profile Sports Group uses this website and our other social media pages to promote the exploits of it's clients for the express purpose of showcasing their abilities. It is our belief that in taking full advantage of these assets it gives any student/athlete a much better opportunity to be evaluted by college programs. In other words this is an open forum for exposure and the more exposure the better.

We realize that each year thousands of kids across the country are competing with one another when it comes to college recruiting. To stand out from the rest you must use all of the means at your disposal and not spend a lot of time doing it. High Profile Sports Group takes the time and guesswork out of the recruiting process by taking a scientific approach to a complicated, time consuming endeavor. 

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The 10 Steps to Recruiting

  • Start the process early (6th-8th grade)

  • Only talk to people who understand the process.

  • Ask a lot of questions about the recruiting process.

  • Stick to the plan.  Don't let yourself get deviated from it.

  • Be an active participant in the recruiting cycle.

  • Communicate with any interested schools often and provide them anything they may request.

  • Tell your child to remain open minded to all opportunities.

  • Find a good talent evaluator and listen to them.

  • Pay close attention to your Social Media.  Yes, coaches look.

  • Don't let the ups and downs of recruiting worry you.  If you do the right things, it will work itself out.

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