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CEO/Owner Kevin Simmons

"I founded High Profile Sports Group to give local area student/athletes in the (209) area code the ability to compete for athletic scholarships with larger well known areas of California. We have an extremely large talent pool that has gone virtually untapped by college programs. There are many genuine opportunities that exist at the D1, D2, D3, NAIA AND Junior College levels. We are willing to put in the work to give our clients the best opportunity possible to play after High School. It's time to rectify this situation."


Academic Coordinator 
Pamela Valenzuela

One of my favorite quotes from a movie is from Coach Carter.    " Student Athletes....Student Comes first!" 

"As a mother for four college age children it was my responsibility to help guide them in a way that was best for them.  I have two children that opted for junior college first and one that knew she wanted to play basketball in college and one that loved golf, but chose not to pursue college athletics. I have partnered with Kevin Simmons out of sure love of sports and being able to help student/athletes achieve their dream of playing the sport they love at the college level."  

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